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FanChants Switzerland FC índice de cantos de futebol

Switzerland Índice de FanChants FC do futebol top cânticos. Nossa fórmula exclusiva para listar as músicas top futebol como e quando eles saem.

1864 FC Basel Switzerland Allez Allez Allez Classic Fanchant of FC Basel Playlist
2247 Young Boys Switzerland We Are the Fans of the BSC 'Every girl is getting horny!' Playlist
2252 FC Basel Switzerland Allez Basel Basel fans are loyal Playlist
2404 Switzerland Switzerland Ole - Switzerland Love the tune to this great Switzerland football chant Playlist
2559 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Bounce Popular football chant in German Playlist
2567 FC Basel Switzerland Those Who Don't Jump Sung whilst jumping up and down Playlist
2840 Switzerland Switzerland Stand Up If You're Swiss On your feet... Playlist
2939 FC Basel Switzerland Allez This one makes a nice ringtone Playlist
3468 Switzerland Switzerland Those Who Don't Jump Aren't Swiss Arise fellow Swiss Playlist
3524 Grasshoppers Switzerland From the Nicest City The absolute classic. No real game passes without this song and although it has been copied inside of switzerland it will always be GC's main song Playlist
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3597 Young Boys Switzerland Come on Young Boys This one makes a nice ringtone Playlist
3819 Young Boys Switzerland Young Boys,Young Boys A classic when it comes to Football Songs! Playlist
3855 FC Basel Switzerland Allez Allez FCB Allez you Basel Supporters! Playlist
3916 FC Basel Switzerland Go Go Go We win everywhere! Playlist
4057 Young Boys Switzerland Allez Ole The oldies are the best Playlist
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